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To activate slide mode I did the following

  1. Clone nbextensions repo into the right place:
cd ~/.ipython
git clone git@github.com:ipython-contrib/IPython-notebook-extensions.git nbextensions
  1. Edit ~/.ipython/profile_default and ~/.ipython/profile_default so that in the section titled $([IPython.events]).on('app_initialized.NotebookApp', function(){ I had the line IPython.load_extensions('slidemode/main').

If I want to use nbconvert to give me reveal.js slides and then view them locally I need to start a python webserver:

ipython nbconvert --to slides my_notebook.ipynb
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

Registering kernels in IPython 3.0+

IPython versions 3.0+ have a great feature where you can launch the notebook and then select the kernel you want from a dropdown list. Right now I have python2, python3, R, and Julia ready to go. This makes it so we can switch from notebooks in different languages without having to restart IPython.

To register a new kernel you only need to create a file named kernel.json in ~/.ipython/kernels/<language_name>/kernel.json. For example I have:

HW2|master⚡ ⇒ cat ~/.ipython/kernels/julia/kernel.json
 "display_name": "Julia",
 "language": "julia",
 "argv": [
HW2|master⚡ ⇒ cat ~/.ipython/kernels/ir/kernel.json
{"argv": ["R","-e","IRkernel::main()","--args","{connection_file}"],
HW2|master⚡ ⇒ cat ~/.ipython/kernels/python3/kernel.json
 "argv": ["/Users/sglyon/anaconda/envs/py3/bin/python3", "-m", "IPython.kernel",
          "-f", "{connection_file}"],
 "display_name": "Python 3",
 "language": "python"

Remote access to ipynb

See also the note about setting up a persistent notebook on GCE in the cloud.md file.



Editing: /usr/local/share/jupyter/nbextensions/livereveal/main.js


nbviewer caches the rendered version of a notebook. If you recently updated the source and want to see the updated version on nbviewer, append ?flush_cache=true to the url.

For example, to force a re-compile of the notebook at http://nbviewer.jupyter.org/gist/sglyon/d884a4f7ef9e9bd5862428303179b2bd you would visit the url http://nbviewer.jupyter.org/gist/sglyon/d884a4f7ef9e9bd5862428303179b2bd?flush_cache=true